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Kentucky Science & Engineering Foundation

Your KY partner in advancing R&D, new product development, and commercialization


Created under the Kentucky Innovation Act of 2000, the Kentucky Science and Engineering Foundation’s (KSEF) mission is to serve the Kentucky spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation by encouraging the growth of the scientific and engineering excellence through investments in R&D in emerging technologies and human resource development.

KSEF promotes innovation by helping to remove the barriers to funding for the R&D activities of start-ups and small businesses which are essential for building a pipeline of new ideas and technologies to drive the technological and economic growth of the Commonwealth.


This goal is achieved through a variety of support, including:


  • microAwards to facilitate the submission of SBIR/STTR applications

  • NASA and DOD Accelerator programs to position applicants for SBIR/STTR success

  • Consulting and Resources to navigate SBIR/STTR and early-stage business processes

  • Leading start-up/small business training, conferences, and networking events


You may be a good candidate for SBIR/STTR funding if your for-profit small business is federally registered and you have an idea for an innovative technology enabled product, process, or service.

Connect with us for review of your eligibility and help securing funding opportunities!


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Maria Labreveux

KSEF Executive Director

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Matthew Defrese

SBIR Innovation Manager 

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Katie Porritt

Program Operations Manager

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Ellie Derbyshire

SBIR Innovation Manager 

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