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Past Participants

Congratulations to the following companies for being selected to participate in our Accelerator Program!


13 Layers is the Missing Link in Cybersecurity. We provide total network protection through real-time inline threat detection and prevention. Our innovative solutions are used to protect thousands of systems around the globe without a single breach in over 6 years.


Bluegrass Advanced Materials, LLC (BAM) is a research and development entity focused on creating materials that can enhance commercial products. The BAM theory is that almost every material application (including but not limited to pharmaceuticals, biomedical, foods, cosmetics, plastics, adhesives and lubricants) can be improved by employing BAM technology.

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Cloverleaf is an integrated and continuous coaching platform that uses behavioral data to customize coaching based on your interactions with others throughout your day in the tools that you use to communicate and collaborate with others.

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FreshFry is a Green Tech company that specializes in redeploying waste in innovative ways. 


Our story began in the Spring of 2005, when Brian was diagnosed with T1 Diabetes while serving as a Helicopter Pilot in the United States Navy.  Brian was determined to live a life without limits while living with the condition.  He was not satisfied with the options available to manage low blood sugar levels. He created Gluconfidence. 

Gluconfidence is made with All Natural Ingredients. Designed by People with Diabetes, For People with Diabetes. Concentrated. Convenient.  Confidence. 

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HeXalayer is a Louisville, KY based material science and battery development startup. Using our proprietary Graphene based materials we are paving the way for lighter, rechargeable Li-ion batteries that can store significantly more energy than current battery technologies.


Inquiry Technologies’ interactive video solutions empower users to develop and grow professionally. We extend ladders of opportunity to help others climb above their circumstances and bridge the digital divide. The research and development associated with our UniCast Performance Platform™ (UPP) are designed to improve performance-based learning and assessment.  Our instructional technology and associated services can be readily scaled to meet the needs of any size organization, while still maintaining a highly personalized approach proven to improve training outcomes.  


Innovation starts with a dream fueled by imagination. Our dream was to revolutionize construction from its building blocks to build homes that are sustainable and resilient. It has taken 20 years of R&D to make that dream of an easier, more cost-effective way to build a reality but we've made it.




Millions people suffer from acute and chronic wounds caused by trauma and other healthcare conditions. More than three thousand types of dressings have been developed, but none has shown to be specifically effective at enhancing wound healing.  After 15 years of R&D, NoveraTech developed a new product, VitaSol, to substantially enhance wound healing by delivering energy where it is needed. 

VitaSol™ delivering healing power where it is needed! 


Our mission is to develop technologies and execute strategies that reduce fossil energy use, improve water conservation, reduce pollution, and eliminate landfills. 
We provide waste mitigation as a service. Using our proprietary technology, we process landfill waste mixed with sewer water to produce electricity with no odor, no waste, and NO stack emissions. 


ParaTechs develops innovative research tools for easier and more cost-effective research in the area of biotechnology.


In collaboration with the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Kentucky, we are delivering a non-enzymatic pathogen detection platform, specifically geared towards in-field detection of pathogens affecting troops. 


SealingLife Technology is a developer and manufacturer of sealing devices and systems, custom cut panels and overlays in the aerospace, energy and advance technology industries.  Our niche is the integration of materials, parts and innovative technology solutions that shield, isolate and protect things (need to operate) under extreme conditions. 


Utopia Plastix is a registered trademark for the use of plant material in traditional petroleum manufacturing applications and products. We developed a sustainable eco-system business model called "The Utopia Model. It includes farming, processing, manufacturing, and distribution. Edengrow, LLC maintains the relationship with farmers.  Utopia Solutions, LLC focuses on processing and manufacturing. Utopia Genetics, LLC dba Utopia Brands overseas the sales and distribution of our resins and finished products.

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